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the chicago area polling trees from the ground and flooding some streets >> live iwith our top story... >> it was a stormy sunday across the chicago area complete with tornado warnings in power on theand power outages >> at one moment the sky turn
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purpleed purple... >> casualties of the storm... traffic in some areas and reducedreduced to a stop >> high wind, heavy rain... >> a utility pole snapped into two >> crews cleaning up a down tree >> it was a beautiful tree. >> last we heard less than 5000
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customers without power >> jim ramsey has live in the weather center with more on today's storms... >> we had a very large and rigorous low pressure system... this is the storm as it appeared on readeradar... some parts of indiana continue under a wind advisory. wind gusts as high as 40 mph. the strongest was 60 mi.
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per hour. there were some tornado warnings issued, no reports of touchdown. >>welcome word tonight from the lake county sheriff's police -- antea marsek and her two children have been found safe -- vacationing in the wisconsin dells. marsek and her two children chevelle and macenzie were unharmed. more than one hundred people turned out for a vigil in north suburban volo this weekend. up until now, they were last seen leaving her parents' wauconda home on october sixth -- more than a week ago! again ... antea marsek and her two children have been found safe. another weekend of gun violence
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has left at least five people dead and dozens more wounded. one family was hit especially hard. chicago police are searching for suspects that killed a 17 year-old boy and collect his 18 year-old cousin in critical condition >> the family says the teenager was shot last night while hanging out with his friends. they said he was headed to a party when they say he was targeted. their relative found him in the streets >> she just tell themheld him >> he had been in trouble with
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the lobby forlaw before... >> his cousin was shockecritically injured. he was not targeted i. just at the wrong place at a wrong time the wrong time. >> a suite caweet kid... >> the principal visited the
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student at the hospital today ... >> his injury proves that no one here is truly safe. >> pastor corey brooks is back home in chicago.. about 30 pounds lighter, after a cross country walk to raise money for a new community center. wgn's sean lewis was among those on hand as pastor brooks rerturned to the pulpit at his south side church. at new beginnings church.. we thank you father for a pastor who sets an example for everyone.. thats it hug somebody.. come on hug somebody.
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they are the final steps back to the pulpit for pastor corey brooks... there were principles and precepts that god gave me to help me to make it every step of the way.. for the past four months and seven days... pastor brooks took his message to reduce violence on the streets of chicago across the country.. from new york.. to los angeles. along the way, he tells me he also learned a lesson.. ive come to know that america is a compassionate place when people are aware and when they know whats going on they rise to the occasion. over the months, brooks raised that awareness.. and raised money, a half million dollars so far, to build a community center across the street from his church on king drive. we have to keep all hands on deck and we have to constantly gang up on the problem and not gang up on each other. last winter, he made headlines not for walking.. but
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sitting... on top of the vacant hotel where that community center will go.. tyler perry gave 100-thousand dollars back then to help tear the building down... brooks says the walk has inspired others to give too.. we brought a lot of attention and a lot of awareness to the gun violence in chicago and we met a lot of compassionate people all across america its been really wonderful. his parisioners, whove gone without brooks on the pulpit the better part of this year, are inspired as well... phillona williams im excited and im happy.. im happy hes back. im very happy. michael smiley sharing him with the country.. but the church survived... and hopefully well go even further now. a message from the peacher who pounded the pavement... and came back to show others the path.. you can be in the hood and still make a difference in the world... thats the message i want to communicate. on the southside, sean lewis wgn news.
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the more that gambling is allowed in illinois, the less people seem to like it. next, the results of an exclusive w-g-n-t-v chicago tribune poll. from the stratosphere to solid ground, and he landed on his feet. a record setting jump above new mexico. break
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you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. initiative is shrinking. political reporter joins us now with the results of our latest
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poll >> these are interesting numbers... >> we looked at the state as a whole >> for two years people tried to expand gambling in illinois also allow video gambling at the horse track. we found that 47 percent oppose, 43 percent favor. in february alone those numbers were 58 percent approved. we have seen a significant shift. the
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governor said he was not supportive. the mayor said he was willing to work with the governor. the governor vetoed the bill in august. >> the video gambling bill... for bars. truck stops... they're all starting to go on line so that might also be a factor.
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>> chicago had some interesting statistic... >> 49 percent opposed 40 percent in favor... a very significant shift... in february it was 59% 39%... >> in 2010 we did a city only survey... 47 percent favored.
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there might be a belief that the economy is starting to improve ... it might not be selling well >> the wall street journal is reporting a new federal investigation of congressman jesse jackson jr. focuses on home furnishings. the report says feds r. began to whether he used campaign cash to pay for things at his house. >> 5 term u.s. senator of pennsylvania passed away this morning at the age of 82. he represented his state for 30
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years. a moderate republican since 1965 he switched to the democratic party in 2009. he served as assistant counsel for the warren commission investigating the assassination of john f. kennedy. he had been battling cancer since the 1990's >> a record setting, and breath taking accomplishment. next, a skydive that started 24 miles above the surface of the earth. and a fall tradition in chicago. the ron santo walk to cure diabetes. and this year there were some familiar faces in the crowd. break
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he jumped from a balloon more than 24 mi. above the earth and he landed on his feet >> in roswell, new mexico, skydiver felix baumgartner made his ascent to the edge of space -- for the record-breaking stratosphere free fall. actually i'm not scared and i'm not nervous because we did so much preparation. we've rehearsed everything. i mean just getting out of the capsule is a procedure which includes 43 steps. and we have been properly trained every step. baumgartner ascended in a capsule hanging from a helium
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balloon to 120 thousand feet - about 23 miles. and more than three times the cruising altitude of the average airliner. the previous record-holder for such a jump? american retired colonel joe kittinger. reporter: are you jealous of felix, that he's going to break your record? joe: "oh no. i'm delighted. i'm delighted he's going to do it. he's advancing science - and he'll do a great job. risks included low temperatures, thin atmosphere and possible loss of consciousness. but still, baumgartner said death did not scare him. well dying has always been part of my life- because as a base- jumper you always face death on every base-jump. therefore it is important that you do your homework. because you need to be confident. you have to have confidence in the team, in your skills and yourself. and- you always hope that you're not gonna die. it might happen, but i'm gonna put everything out there and make sure it's not gonna happen baumgartner almost made an attempt last tuesday from the launch site in roswell -- but a gust of wind ruined those plans. i'm cristina mutchler reporting
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>> your live illinois lottery drawing is next >> after that jim ramsey will join us and he says all this rain may clear out for a few days >> instant replay... bears gaining ground on their bye week... tigers and the alcs
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touchdown. there were some very strong winds... 60 mi. per hour was the high. this was in association with the cold from ont. 50 degrees right now... bursts of heavy rain... temperatures across the area... a chilly night around here. wind
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forecast... tuesday they pick up again. 20-30 mph range... right now... humidity... gusts up to 23 mph... satellite... the storm is pushing out of the area... look at this, another storm... wed, thurs fri. partly cloudy
9:29 pm
day on monday... tonight... cloudy 39-43 degrees... monday... cloud/sun mix... temps i 60 degrees... tuesday... winds pick up... temps above 70 degrees. 7 day forecast...
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america's golden girl comes to chicago... >> next what gabby douglas was doing... break [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either
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the juvenile diabetes research foundation welcomed thousands on the lakefront who took part in the 34th annual "ron santo walk to cure diabetes." wgn was out there in full force. lourdes duarte, judie garcia and erin mcelroy, along with tom negovan and news manager jennifer lyons with her family. the walk helps to raise money for research to prevent, treat and ultimately cure type-one diabetes. it's a disease which cubs hall- of-famer ron santo struggled with for years. olympic gold medalist gabby douglas was in town today hoping to inspire and empower young girls and their mothers. the gymnast posed for pictures and spoke to the crowd at the "pink pearls and pretty dresses" luncheon. today's event was a fundraiser for the mentoring organization: "inspire girls to lead our
9:34 pm
world", or: "i-glow". the chicago based group provides support for fifth through twelfth grade girls pairing them with community leaders who give them strategies for success. an action thriller takes the top spot at the box office for the second week in a row... >>" taken 2" ... the movie brought in another $22 million... here are some of the other box office here's my morning
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helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know. there are no winners and no official times in the "the happiest five-k on the planet". the estimated 10-thousand people who lined for this morning's "color run" were in it mostly for the fun and to celebrate health, happiness and individuality. the only rule is you have to wear a white shirt and be prepared to get doused with a different color as you pass each kilometer mark. it all came to a flashy finish as colored powders got tossed around butler field.
9:38 pm
the run's chicago charity partner was "the team to end aids". >> that is the news for this sunday >> instant replay is coming up next... new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of
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